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        Company new

        A manufacturers of carriage bolts in China

        Infly Fasteners a factory of Carriage bolts and US mushroom head square neck bolts in DIN603 and ASTM A307 in inch. our factory is produce the carriage bolt and us carriage screws in inch.

        <a href=http://www.hangye9.site/en/product/a307-carriage-bolt.html target='_blank'>Carriage bolts</a> in inch ASTM A307


        CONTACT US

        Contact: Mr.Lufel Lee

        Phone: +86-189-0683-5012

        Tel: +86-573-8605-9165

        Email: infasteners@yahoo.com

        Add: No.333 Xinqiao Road, Haiyan, Jiaxing City, ZJ China.

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