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        The use and production about the carriage bolt

        Infly Fasteners is a factory as Carriage bolts factory, in the production of various kinds of carriage screws, will encounter a variety of problems, the first is the main raw material, tell me how to choose the use of raw materials, including a lot of knowledge, this article will tell you, in the production of American horse bolts and din Carriage bolts. How can we in a variety of steel products, the selection of raw materials needed.
        Firstly, we analysis the horse bolt grade, because the raw materials for different grades of different DIN carriage screws are 4.8, 5.6, 8.8 and 10.9 grades, with grade 2 American Carriage bolts, grade 5, Grade 8, their grades should be relative, the IT carriage bolts, grade 2 is equivalent to the German class 4.8, grade 5 is equivalent to the German class 8.8, Grade 8 is equivalent to DIN 10.9, got the key, so we choose the raw material is easy.
        IFS the 4.8 carriage bolt or A307 (grade 2) American carriage bolts, use wire are generally of low carbon steel, steel grade is Q195 can, because of the low carbon steel low grade bolts without heat treatment, the use of materials on the requirements are not very high, but can not use a soft material so, easy to cause cracking, the phenomenon of lack of angle.
        IFS 8.8 carriage bolts (US 5), the raw material used in general is to carbon steel, heat treatment (quenching), steel grades generally use 35K or 10B21 materials
        IFS 10.9 carriage bolts (US 8), the raw materials are generally high carbon steel or alloy steel, heat treatment (quenching), steel grades generally use 45# or 35CRMO materials.
        Haiyan infly fasteners carriage bolts factory specializing in the production of American carriage bolts, carriage bolts, U bolts, anchor bolts, flat head bolts, six angle flange bolts, welcome new and old customers to visit the factory to negotiate.


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