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        Quotation-Sep.class 8.8 Carriage bolts price DIN603 in USD

        At  September 21,2016, Infly Fasteners manufacturer & factory have released a quotation of the class 8.8 Carriage bolts price DIN603 Zinc in USD price, Quotation no.E16092160388Z, and supply to a download of the Gr.8.8 carriage bolt price. You can find the quotation of cl.8.8 carriage screw on-line, for more, please view our website.
        Sep.carriage bolt price DIN603 <a href=http://www.hangye9.site/en/product/a307-carriage-bolt.html target='_blank'>Carriage bolts</a> quotation
        Infly Fasteners factory is a manufacturers of carriage bolt 10 years, supply to Round head, mushroom head, short square non-standard carriage bolts as per DIN603.


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        Add: No.333 Xinqiao Road, Haiyan, Jiaxing City, ZJ China.

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