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        About us

        Infly Fasteners Inc is a professional factory and manufacturers of Carriage bolts, Hex flange bolt (phillips, cutting point, teethed), supply to mushroom head square neck bolt, Us Carriage bolts, round head square neck screw and Roofing bolts, Anchor bolt, Hook bolts, Machine threaded and wood threaded stud bolt, U-bolt, J-bolt, L-bolt, we can customized to non-standard fasteners, such as short, low square neck mushroom head, round head, pan head carriage bolt, strictly according to DIN603 and ANSI B18.5 standard to produce.
        Infly Fasteners Factory have more than 10 years in the manufacturing and processing of fasteners and bolts, at present there are 6 Heading machine, 4 threading machine and other ancillary equipment such as Punch machine, Lathe machine, Bench drill and so on, plant area of about 800 square meters, main products for the carriage bolt and the roofing screws, etc. Our factory is located in the China Fastener Base——Haiyan, and located in the center of the large urban agglomeration of the Yangtze River, from Hangzhou Bay Bridge is only 3 km, and the city traffic is convenient, 90 km from Shanghai, 80 km from Hangzhou, 100 km from Suzhou, 120 km from Ningbo, we have professional technical staff, skilled the technical worker, experienced product development department, quality at first, honesty at first principle, sincerely welcome the old and new friends and customers to our factory to negotiate business.
        1. About our products:
        1.1. Carriage bolts: is divided into DIN and US carriage bolt, and non-standard, there are the standard DIN603, DIN608, ANSI B18.5, GB12, GB14 AMST A307... non-standard have round head, mushroom head, and short, low, high square neck carriage bolt, Infly Fasteners mainly produce class4.8-8.8, Gr.2- Gr.5 in inch carriage bolt.
        1.2. Machine bolt: also known as pan head, mushroom head slot machine screws, and hex socket round head screw, phillips pan head bolts, roofing screw, the standard are ISO7380, NFE25129, is a round head and pan head machine screws, the available size are dia.M6-M12(1/4"-1/2"), length 20-120mm, of course, Infly Fasteners also produce other machine screws in this size.
        1.3. Hex Flange bolts: also called the hexagon head with flange machine screw, and phillips hex flange bolt with cutting point, the standard is DIN6921 with teeth, according to the usage habits, also be required for concave brain type in bolt's head, or the flange face with anti-skid teeth, and cutting poin at the end of threaded, Infly Fasteners mainly produces Class 4.8-8.8 and Gr.2-5 in inch hex flange bolt.

        1.4. U-bolts: is a clamp or blocking the bolt to use with hex nut or rectangle washers together, the generally not fixed in accordance with the standard production, mainly according to customer requirements (such as drawings, samples, detailed description of size) to order, of course, in addition to U-bolt, Infly Fasteners factory also produces L bolts, J bolts and anchor bolts.
        1.5. Stud bolts: we only do the one end of machine threaded and one end of wood threaded stud screw, it Mainly used for carpentry and construction industries, because there is no specific reference standard, so sometimes asked with the middle with hexagonal, or the end of machine threaded with Torx in head bolt. the available size is M6-M12 in Infly Fasteners.
        1.6. Square Nuts: mainly for DIN557, some size in stock, such as carbon steel Class 4, the size in M10, M12, M16, M20 and 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"in inch square nut, surface by the customer whether galvanized or hot dip galvanizing.
        1.7. Non-standard bolt: is according to customer requirements and not in the standard range of bolts, you will be requested to supply the Drawiing or Samples.
        2. About packing:
        2.1. Simple packing: bulk 25-50KG in plastic woven bag and then on pallet.
        2.2. Carton packing: bulk20-25KG in carton and the on pallet, If it have other products (such as nuts, gaskets, etc.), we shall be deemed not to be assembled. the carton size: 270mm x 250mm x 150mm, the pallet size: 1100mm x 800mm.
        2.3. We generally do not accept a small package, such as a small box, small plastic bags... If you have other special packaging requirements, please indicate when you inquiry.
        3. About quote:
        3.1. Usually, the counting units is 1000pcs (Mpcs,Kpcs).
        3.2. In general, we offer a valid period of 10 days, if encountered in the steel market is not stable, the period will be valid for 3 days.
        3.3. Payment: T/T or L/C at sight
        4. About the samples:
        4.1. In standard's products, the samples is free (if we have), but you will be required to bear the postage on advance, or you can tell me the the account number of DHL or UPS, or you can to vist our factory for the sample. 4.2.About non-standard samples, you will be requested to pay some tooling charge or sample charge beforethe order, or be sent after the order in free.
        4.3. Please confirm the sample within three days after you received the sample, so that we are improve it asap, If you don't respond, we will think to you accept it, we will arrange the production according to this sample, and then any question will be no responsibility to our company.
        5. About quality: We will do our best to maintain a good product quality in the production, if there is any objection after delivering, please refer to the situation:
        5.1. If it is a standard product, size or quantity and other objection, please make a detailed record of the short film, and accompanied by a written text to send us confirmation, If it is the surface treatment, hardness, strength and other needs of third party testing, please show the writing of third party certificate(China), we will deliver the products to our local quality inspection center in order to we confirmation again.
        5.2. If the sample was sent before the production or before shipment and the customer to the factory to check and confirm the product that has been produced, the quality of the product after shipment will be irrelevant to us.
        6.About after-sales:
        6.1. If the customer has any objection to our products, please feedback the quality problems within three days after receipted of the goods, please refer to the product quality feedback section fifth, and made in writing, we will have to adjust replacement treatment; beyond the objection period, we will think to the customer acceptance of the batches of products, and will not to take full responsibility.
        6.2. If there is still any objection after the negotiation, please apply to the court of the supplier's location (the people's Court of Haiyan China).
        7. About Cancel the contract:
        7.1. If the reason is not from us, before the mass production be requested to cancel the contract, the resulting raw materials, mold fee and lost income and other expenses will be charged with by the customer.
        7.2. If the reason is not from us, once the product has been scheduling, and if the customer want to cancel the contract, we will be shut down production immediately, but the resulting waste of raw materials, delay, other question and compensation will be charged with by the customer, or deducted in advance.
        7.3. After the customer have been confirmed the contract, we found that the production can not be continued, I will refund the customer 100% advance payment and cancel the contract, the mold fee and other expenses will be charged with by our own.


        CONTACT US

        Contact: Mr.Lufel Lee

        Phone: +86-189-0683-5012

        Tel: +86-573-8605-9165

        Email: infasteners@yahoo.com

        Add: No.333 Xinqiao Road, Haiyan, Jiaxing City, ZJ China.

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